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Frequency of System Call

As ``Frequency of System Call every analysis-step'' you specifiy after how many completed EGO-output files a UNIX system-call[*] is invoked. This system call is used to start the shell script you specify in the subsequent line. Typical applications of such shell scripts my be the conversion, compression or moving of EGO-output files. For that reason some helpful variables are passed to the shell script. For more details look at the demo shell script $(HOME)/ego/utils/ If you enter 0 for this variable, no system call is made[*], otherwise typical values range between 10 to 500.

Calculation of EGO is halted until the shell script has finished. It is possible to send tasks you call in the shell script in to the background by putting an `&' at the end of your UNIX command, so EGO does not wait until the task has finished. If your task returns with an error (return-value not zero), EGO prints a warning, but continues with calculation!

Helmut Heller