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Hardware & Software Requirements

EGO is able to run in a simple sequential version nearly on every platform which provides good C-Compilers. For Windows NT/95 systems we have successfully tested EGO using the GNU-C-Compiler.

As EGO uses PVM or MPI the program may run in the parallel form on any platform (with slight modificiations) if PVM or MPI runs on this system. We have successfully tested the parallel EGO version on workstation clusters (DEC, SUN, SGI, HP), a Cray-T3D, a Cray-T3E, an IBM-SP2 and a PowerXplorer and CC (Parsytec) parallel computer. For further information on PVM and the newest versions of PVM see For further information on MPI see To optimize performance of EGO on a PowerXplorer parallel computer, the PARIX-version of EGO should be used instead of the PVM-version. For further information on PARIX see The PARIX-version, PVM-version or MPI-version is selected during compilation via preprocessor directives (See Chapter 2.1) from the same source code.

Helmut Heller